Sadhak (Seeker)

Soft pastel

30" x 44"

June 07th, 2017

$ 13,852
When the mind is ripe and time is fertile... There arrives an invitation , a calling .. To transcend the lies, to offer this life... There begins a constant reflection on one's affairs... As if standing naked under the burning sun... Immersed in pure action, an in depth study of one's observations... Non indulgent of everyday distractions... To simply be in the present the Guru has bestowed... To sit and wait patiently upon the Guru's words and silence alike... While in no urgency to get anywhere yet to keep the longing alive... To commune with him in thoughts and emotion... To deliver his grace in every action... To meditate, to be, yet claim nothing as your own... The life of a sadhak, that seeker, a boon ...
Materials used
Soft pastel on paper

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